Friday, December 02, 2005

Summit for the Future

Summit for the Future
Club of Amsterdam
Date: May 3-5, 2006

What is the Summit for the Future?
The Club of Amsterdam presents its second, global “Summit for the Future” bringing together international Thought Leaders to discuss significant, global challenges and opportunities.

This year we focus on the subject of risk and the role of risk in innovation and global growth.

Frank-Juergen Richter, former Director of the World Economic Forum, in charge of Asian affairs: "As corporations confront uncertainties that pose important strategic dilemma in their endeavour to grow into global players they need to understand the current and emerging risks associated with their business."

5 Knowledge Streams
Life Sciences
Media & Entertainment
Trade - Asian Leadership?
Corporate Governance

5 Interdisciplinary Streams
Innovation as Risk Taking
Knowledge based Risk Management
Values and Spirituality
Cross-Cultural Competence
Creative Leadership

Who should attend?
The Summit for the Future will attract senior strategic thinkers, decision makers, policy planners and knowledge workers. If you’re involved in shaping the future of your company you’ll get a broader overview and a deeper understanding by attending the Summit. The Summit for the Future is an ideal venue for those who need to link theory with practise.


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