Wednesday, September 10, 2008

EFMN correspondents’ day 2008: Weak Signals in Foresight

This year's European Foresight Monitoring Network (EFMN) correspondents' day takes place in Brussels on the 3rd - 4th November. The network comprises European policy professionals, foresight experts and practitioners as well as analysts of science, technology and innovation related issues. . The aim of the EFMN correspondent's day is to infuse the so far largely virtual EFMN community with real life. The event itself strikes a good balance between presentations of interesting foresight content and the opportunity to network with like minded professionals. Attendance is free of charge.

This year's event theme is weak signals. This topic receives increasing attention from policy-makers and firms to yield results in practice. A mix of presentations is planned covering the methodological challenges of identifying weak signals as well as presentations of case studies from weak signal studies done for firms and policy-makers.

The event takes place at the Brussels University Foundation starting at 12:00 on the 3rd and ending the following day the 4th November at 15:00.

A detailed programme will be sent to all participants after registration has closed.

Highlights of event

Weak Signals
· Keynote speaker: Dr Elina Hiltunen on weak signals research (Futures Research Finland / Nokia)
· Anssi Tervonen on weak signals at timber firm M-real (Datarangers, Finland)· Weak signals identification in policy.

EFMN activities
· Key Messages from the EFMN Journal Special published 2008.
· Opinion poll and discussion on weak signals
· Results of EFMN mapping and Issue analysis 2008
· Presentation of recent EFMN briefs production and website tutorial

Presentation by Pierre Valette; Head of Unit DG-RTD/L.2: Commission Roadmap

Networking / self-presentation:
· Opening with lunch buffet
· Informal dinner arranged at the conference location
· Option to present own work and ideas in Pecha Kucha style at conference

For details see the EFMN website


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