Monday, June 13, 2011

No more tool, no more processes, no more ruling, no more treaties.

Renaud Munier, Strategy Consultant, Founder, Boost-it

Contribution to the Club of Amsterdam dialogue about the future of European Democracy
Are European Democracies fit for dealing with the challenges ahead? Do we need new tools? New decision making processes? Or do we need to radically renew our approach?
No more tool, no more processes, no more ruling, no more treaties. Heart, empathy, feelings, Europe can only be when it lives in the hearts of its Citizen.

Who could have asked European to bear Europe into their hearts some years after the end of the Second World War? What a political vision Europe fathers have shown us! What a forgivingness capacity they have mastered discussing and constructing the basis of Europe together with their “enemies” of some years before.

From economical to political integration. "Maastricht" brought us political components and political cooperation. Nevertheless "Maastricht", then "Nice" and now "Lisbon" became also the excuse for national difficulties for many European local politicians. Europe is responsible for having to reform; Europe is responsible for the economical integration. Europe is responsible for the immigration and unemployment. Europe is responsible for the loss of our good old currencies and the increase of prices. Europe is responsible for everything. That is not good

How on earth do we want European to bear this vision in their heart if every hour, every minutes, the media and politicians make it responsible for all the bureaucracy, the paralysis, the interminable discussions and compromises, the fight to negotiate one Billion more and pay one Billion less and look for political applauses back home! How many European know that the EU budget represent only 1% of the 27 members Growth National Income. One tiny percent and so many ink and bits of texts published.

142 Billion Euros. That is the EU budget. It is also the amount of the guarantee the German government gave to save one single bank the Hypo Real Estate. It is also the yearly deficit of Portugal, and probably the one of France in 2011.

Just ask European what they think Europe has brought and what they think Europe has damaged! Many would probably have some negative answers, but maybe not...have we ever tried?

We European have the incredible, historical, unprecedented chance in the Humankind history to be able to create a new political and more democratic system in a peaceful way. All the new technologies like the Internet, the Mobiles Phones and IT infrastructure give us all the necessary tools to organise all processes we deem say to be necessary to bring Europe to the next century. All the new technology give us the possibility to create a political AGORA with more than 450 Millions European Citizen who could technically express their opinion on local, regional, national and European level at wishes.

We European have the chance and the responsibility to set up a political system, which respects and maintain the local, regional traditions and their languages and at the same time provide a stable economical, empathic and human frame leaving no chance for political corruptions and egoisms.

It is all about emotion, without emotions, Europe will not be.

What is needed: a strong political courage, humbleness from European citizen and courage, a lot of courage to overcome the fear, which arises with every change!


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